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Does your autoimmune disease diminish your quality of life?

Addressing autoimmune disease can be hard, but you can find solutions to integrate with your care and improve your symptoms.

Keep reading to find out if we can help improve your outcome.

Acupuncture and herbal remedies can integrate with your current treatment and improve your results.

Woman with stomach pain

Do you feel like you're managing your health well enough but want to see even better results by adding to your treatment plan?

Do you feel scared not knowing how to help a problem that's making you feel worse over time, especially when your doctor warns you may never get better?

Do you feel alone in your autoimmune disease because no one around you knows what it's like to be sick all of the time?

We offer knowledgable care for your autoimmune disease

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Person with multiple sclerosis
Hand with lupus
Woman with inflammatory bowel disease
Person with diabetes testing their blood sugar
Man with rheumatoid arthritis

If you are constantly sick from your autoimmune disease... there's hope.

Autoimmune disease does not have to be a life sentence of pain... you can get relief from your condition.


Your body wants to heal- it just needs a little help.

Tina Belt, L.Ac., has helped autoimmune disease patients like you manage their sickness and live a life they gave up believing was possible.

They found help for their disease and got their life back... so can you.

Call to schedule your FREE consultation today.

Tina Belt

If you're ready to find improvement with your autoimmune disease... I'm here to help.

Tina Belt, L.Ac., has a unique approach that may stop your autoimmune disease from getting worse.

Get your body back on track with a compassionate provider dedicated to helping you feel well.

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Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You prefer to do things naturally and hope to find a holistic approach to your autoimmune disease.

  • You've been to so many doctor's appointments where they just couldn't figure out what was wrong with you.

  • You are allergic to medicines that treat your autoimmune disease and need another option for finding relief. 

  • You've tried different treatments but struggled to find an approach that actually made you feel better.

  • You have so much brain fog you struggle to think straight and even feel like you're falling behind in work and your relationships.

  • You break out in rashes or hives that are uncomfortable and embarrassing, and nothing you do can get rid of them.

  • You take a prescription for your autoimmune disease that provides some relief for symptoms... but you want to feel even better.

  • You feel stuck with your current treatment protocol- you feel there has to be something else that you can add on to find more relief.

  • You started feeling sick one day and never stopped- you haven't felt the same since.

You deserve to improve your disease... 

you can feel well again.

What if you found a practitioner that could change your life?

Tina Belt L.Ac. uses natural, effective approaches tailored to your body's specific needs. 

You'll get the support you need to tackle your difficult disease and a practitioner who actually listens to your history and problems. 

Woman with cramps

Imagine if you knew what your body was going through and how to help it recover from disease.

Treating with Acupuncture

Imagine what it would feel like to not only know what was wrong, but to have a specialized plan to conquer your disease.

When you finally get a break from your endless search for relief from your disease.

You'll finally have the tools you need to feel like you again.

When you schedule an appointment with Good Needles, you'll finally have a caring practitioner dedicated to helping you overcome your disease.

Autoimmune Disease Relief

Do you want to finally understand what your body is going through and what you need to feel well again? Even if you've been suffering for years?

Tina Belt, L.Ac., has the tools you need to help your complex disease... without just covering up your symptoms with prescriptions. 

Do you feel like your immune system is out of control with no sign of improvement? 

Have you ever thought you finally found the answer to your problems, had your doctor run a test, and came away still not knowing what was wrong?

Nothing is more frustrating than that.

Your doctor might have said you just have to keep running tests... but who knows how long it will take them to find the right answer.

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Your doctor didn't have the same tools as Tina Belt, L.Ac.

She understands what your body needs to heal from autoimmune disease.

Why do you have autoimmune disease? Your immune system is your body's protection against foreign substances like bacteria and viruses.

When your immune system is working properly, it can tell the difference between your body's tissues and these foreign substances. When it isn't working properly, your immune system might confuse your cells for invaders and attack.

Autoimmune diseases can be difficult to diagnose and treat because your symptoms and progression vary from other people's. The causes of autoimmune disease are unknown, making the problem even more difficult to treat.

If your body cannot tell the difference between your cells and an invader... you cannot feel well. You have to help your body find balance again.

It's like your body is waging a war on itself... your symptoms are the aftermath of an attack a confused immune system causes.

By bringing balance back to your body, your immune system can learn to correct itself and finally recognize your cells as you. When you treat the underlying imbalances in your vital energy, you will begin to recover from your disease.

Now is your time to act

You can get access to this life changing help by scheduling an appointment.

Not only will you finally get a practitioner who will work hard to get your health back, but you can expect...

  • A FREE consultation- Gain knowledge about your disease and get all of your health questions answered.

  • Effective autoimmune disease treatment- Get relief even at your first appointment with services like acupuncture, herbs, emotional work, and other holistic treatments.

  • Support through difficult symptomsAutoimmune disease can feel lonely and isolating. Tina Belt, L.Ac., will help you through your recovery and provide the emotional support you need to truly recover.

When you schedule with Tina Belt, L.Ac., you'll never have to worry about your symptoms being ignored. 

You don't develop disease on accident- it's the build-up of imbalance in your system that makes you feel sick.

Think of all the tests you've had run that didn't get you any closer to an answer. Think about all of the suggestions other doctors have made that came up short and left you in pain.

How would saying good-bye to the frustrations around constantly being tested, ridding yourself of debilitating symptoms, and shedding the fear of your disease causing irreversible damage help you get your life back?

Imagine if the answers you've been searching for were finally available to you? What if those answers came with a kind practitioner dedicated to helping you feel better?

How much of your life has autoimmune disease cost you? What if you finally had a game plan for overcoming the symptoms making your life impossible to bear?

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I feel better emotionally and physically

I've tried acupuncture at a few other practitioners, such as chiropractors with mixed or very temporary results treating chronic back pain, low energy, etc.


After using the in depth and very personal services here at Good Needles Acupuncture, I can fully recommend because I feel better emotionally and physically and the treatments last well beyond a few days for me.


Tina is very thorough with both diagnosis and her techniques.


How do you know if acupuncture is for you?

Imagine your immune system as a fine tuned computer... when everything is coded correctly it will work correctly. If the tuning becomes off, your immune system won't function correctly. 

Autoimmune disease kicks in when your immune system isn't working properly- this occurs when your vital energy is thrown out of balance. 

You don't randomly get sick- when stress or other imbalances become too much to handle, your body will react by becoming ill.

Acupuncture helps unblock energy that's stuck and affecting your immune system. By balancing your vital energy, all of your systems will work together as they should.

Computer Programming

Help your immune system find the balance it needs to heal

By repairing the imbalances in your immune system, you will retrain your body how to function... and feel great.

The only way to rebalance your immune system and help your body heal is through techniques that target your energy directly. That's why acupuncture is perfect to get your health back on track. 

Find out what it's like to give your body exactly what it's asking for...

Tina is my most trusted health provider

Tina has become my most trusted health provider.


I began seeing her for my thyroid condition, and she has also helped heal a frozen shoulder, as well as offering supplements for digestion issues.


I highly recommend her practice.


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When you come to your first appointment...

  • Free Consultation- Not sure if acupuncture is for you? Come in for a FREE consultation to find out how Tina Belt, L.Ac., can help you feel better.

  • Get treatedReceive recommended treatment that day, which may include acupuncture, herbs, emotional work, cupping, and other holistic solutions. Plus, get a specialized plan to get your health back on track.

  • Support you need- Conquering difficult health problems can be frustrating and hard. Tina Belt, L.Ac., offers the compassion and know how to guide you through your disease. 

By the end of your first appointment, you will have a plan to manage or even reverse your autoimmune disease.

Your autoimmune disease is specific to you- your immune system doesn't work like anybody else's. That's why acupuncture is perfect for treating your disease.

Most people fall for modern solutions that promise a quick fix but fall short when the cookie cutter approach doesn't give you the specialized help you need. It's time to go back to the basics. 

Acupuncture taps into YOUR body's energy to bring about the healing YOU need. It helps your body find the balance it needs to heal. 

Making an appointment today can help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible. 

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Finally get the answers to your disease you've been searching for

Start your journey to overcoming your autoimmune disease. Call today to set up an appointment and get relief fast.

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