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Hi, I'm Tina Belt, 
L.Ac. Dipl OM, Natural Functional Medicine

Tina Belt

My first college classes were in child psychology, and I interned with children who were abused. I was eager to learn how to help people with their problems.

I even pursued clairvoyance classes to help those who experienced the most hurt tackle the emotional problems they couldn't pinpoint themselves. 

I got very sick in my early 20’s with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and candida overgrowth. I was struggling to keep up with my studies and wanted a path for overcoming my health problems.

I became intrigued by Chinese Medicine at a health fair and wondered if this could be the solution to my declining health- so I started school to become an acupuncturist. 


I felt like if I was only there to heal myself I should stop. So, I started envisioning a life where I could combine the emotional work I exceled at with my newfound Chinese Medicine skills.


I finished school at the Colorado Chinese Medicine University. I also completed a 3 year internship in Five Element Acupuncture with Judi Terrill, L.Ac., coming back to my love of psychology in Acupuncture form.

Then I studied Natural Functional Medicine and completed an internship with Dr. Michael Gaeta and began integrating my intuitive work and clairvoyance into my practice.

Throughout my career I have used my expertise to heal myself from candida, chronic fatigue, syndrome, childhood trauma, neurodivergence, and most recently perimenopause.  I know I can help you conquer your healing story too. 

Healing is a passion for me and I enjoy using all of my skills to deeply improve the health and quality of life of my clients. I am a passionate general practitioner even though I have studied and practiced long enough to be an expert in several areas including emotional healing, autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and perimenopause.

Today, I live and practice in Lakewood, CO with my husband and two boys. I love researching and integrating new technology for health and educating and empowering my patients in how to optimize their health in a changing world. 


I feel most happy when I am helping my patients and I strive to stay in balance and bring joy and peace into the world and my life.

-Tina Belt, L.Ac. Dipl OM, Natural Functional Medicine

I'm excited to meet you and learn about your health history.

Let's get you back on track.

Menopause story

My Menopause Story

I homeschooled my children and ran my business during the pandemic as I came into my perimenopause.  My periods became heavy or irregular, I got irritable, I lost my libido, intercourse became painful, I was night sweating and hot flashing, I was struggling with energy and focus, and I learned I have ADHD. 


There are estrogen receptors in the brain and in the bladder that need healthy estrogen to work.  Women can completely lose the ability to function if there is too much going on. 

Even though I have been a health care provider for 15 years now, and even though I could explain it to my husband and create a protocol to correct it, it was challenging. 


It takes 3-6 months to correct female hormone issues.  It takes some help and cooperation to shift refocus and get the rest you need. 


I learned it's a time to not just take care of others but to learn how to take great care of myself.


Sure enough, in three months the painful intercourse was improving, the night sweats were easing, and I got some energy back.  This can be a setback point, because as soon as we start feeling better, we often try to “catch up” instead of continuing a NEW LIFESTYLE that supports our health.

At six months, I was really back to myself.

Perimenopause is not a disease- it’s a time when your body stops ovulating when it should. If you're not ovulating correctly, you're not producing good hormones. 


It’s like women have two operating systems... one involves hormones coming from the ovaries and two involves hormones forming from your adrenals. 


For a period of time, the body is working with both systems and there is so much up and down.  There is more up and down for a woman during this time, except during pregnancy and postpartum. 

I didn’t know all of this detail when I turned 48 in November of 2021, right after the challenging times of COVID.  The more stress women are under, the harder the perimenopause journey is... and the more challenging your symptoms will be.  

My passion is to help keep women sane and out of the ER. I help women online as a Perimenopause Coach here in the US and help patients in person in my clinic in Lakewood, Colorado. 


I educate. 


I create Joy. 


And I continue to work with the whole person in an approach I call the Body Systems Process where we understand that each body system must be functioning well for overall health- especially your hormonal system.

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