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Are Hormonal Changes Making You Feel Horrible?

Do you feel like a completely different person because of perimenopause/menopause?

This changes everything.

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you with your hormones.

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1/3 women face severe perimenopause symptoms

But you don't have to...

What is perimenopause? >>

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Most women feel like their life is over when they start perimenopause...


Do you fear you could lose your job because you feel like your brain doesn't work anymore?

Does your partner not understand what you're going through, putting strain on your relationship?


Has your heavy bleeding been so severe you went to the emergency room, just to be ignored?

Here's the problem you face...

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Your hormones are changing, which are causing nasty symptoms.

This process is totally normal, but it doesn't mean you have to suffer.

We offer real relief for your most frustrating symptoms

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If you are suffering with no end in sight, I have important news for you

You are not alone, and you do not have to feel like this forever... even while you're still in perimenopause.

And more importantly, there are solutions for your perimenopause symptoms.

How do I know? I've been in your shoes, right where you are now... 

defeated and frustrated by perimenopause and wondering if my life would ever go back to normal.

I took my own advice, and I'm so grateful I was able to overcome the symptoms that derailed my life- and I can help you too.

Call to schedule your FREE consultation today.

If you're ready to conquer your perimenopause... I'm here to help

Get your sanity back even if your perimenopause feels like it's getting worse.

I helped my perimenopause... and I can help yours too.

Tina Belt, acupuncturist
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If you've read this far I'll bet you probably...

  • Find yourself fighting with your partner over intimacy issues you just can't fix because of your hormones.

  • Are waiting for the heaviest periods you've ever had to finally stop.

  • Feel like you can't enjoy a night out without getting hot flashes- so you always have to leave and get some air.

  • Haven't been able to sleep for a long time and feel worried about how it will affect your health and ability to get through the day.

  • Started gaining weight unexpectedly despite not changing anything about your eating habits or lifestyle.

  • Avoid working out because you feel so tired you wonder if you'll ever find your energy again.

  • Suddenly become angry all of the time and feel guilty when it gets the best of you.

  • Feel afraid of getting fired because you can't focus on work or find yourself pulled away from your responsibilities because of your symptoms. 

You deserve to go through perimenopause with grace and transition into menopause naturally... 

you can get your life back.

You're about to discover something that will change your life

Woman with flower

It's totally natural and it'll help rebalance your energy to feel like your best self.

You'll get a personal guide to conquering perimenopause and preserving your health as a woman.

Imagine if you knew exactly how to feel better after perimenopause symptoms popped up and changed your life.

Happy woman in field

Imagine how relieving it'll feel to have a tailored plan saving you from your perimenopause symptoms.

When you finally get a break from feeling crazy because your symptoms have you at your wit's end.

You'll finally have the keys to getting better.

When you schedule an appointment to heal from perimenopause you'll have all of this with a caring, empathetic practitioner passionate about getting you well

Natural Perimenopause Care

If you're looking to finally understand what your body is going through and find answers for your toughest problems... 

this is the time to take action.

Tina Belt, L.Ac., uses gentle and natural approaches for your delicate problems.

You probably feel like your hormones are out of control with no sign of hope.

You might've gotten excited about suggestions from other doctors, tried it... and found some or no relief for your symptoms.

How disappointing.

Your doctor might've said that you would just have to wait for it to end,

but who know how long that'll take.

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Your doctor didn't have the same tools as Tina Belt, L.Ac.

She understands what your body needs to heal.

Perimenopause signifies a shift within a woman's life- your body chemistry changes and prepares you for the next stage in your hormonal cycle.

As you age, your female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, rise and fall as your body begins to shift toward the end of your reproductive era. The uncomfortable symptoms that appear with perimenopause typically indicate your estrogen levels dropping.

During perimenopause, you have two different operating systems. When operating system A is running, you will ovulate and your hormones form when you produce an egg.

Other times, operating system B takes over- this means you did not ovulate or did not produce an egg properly. This leads to multiple periods per month, excessive bleeding, and other unwanted symptoms.

Acupuncture helps your body balance your hormones and prevent your cycle from going astray. By utilizing this powerful treatment you can calm your fluctuating hormones and tackle your painful and frustrating symptoms.

A body with imbalanced estrogen cannot provide the energy you need to feel good... Your body needs to find balance again.

The best way to find balance again is by reestablishing your hormones in a way your body understands.


Your body doesn't understand drugs... it understands whether or not energy can flow.

What are you waiting for?

You can get access to this life changing healing by scheduling an appointment.

Not only will you finally get a practitioner who will work hard to get your health back, but you can expect...

  • A FREE consultation- Gain knowledge about the changes in your body and get all of your health questions answered.

  • Effective perimenopause treatment- Get relief even at your first appointment with services like acupuncture, herbs, emotional work, and other holistic treatments.

  • Support through this big change- Perimenopause signifies a change in your life, and the transition comes in hard for many woman. You can feel good again, even while you go through perimenopause.

Are you ready to have a practitioner finally listen to you?
To take your symptoms seriously? To reassure you that you don't have to wait for perimenopause to end to feel better?

You develop perimenopause as a natural change in life- but the imbalance that comes with change can make you feel sick.

Think of all the doctor's appointments you've been to where you felt ignored or brushed off. Think of all of the times no one could figure out what was wrong with you and left you without a solution.

What would reigniting the spark with your partner, sleeping through the night, finding peace of mind, being able to get through your day, and saying goodbye to hot flashes be worth to you?

Imagine if the relief you've been looking for was available to you whenever you needed it? If a kind, compassionate practitioner could listen to your problems and help you conquer your symptoms?

The real question isn't how much an appointment costs... it's how much of your sanity it costs to keep going through perimenopause symptoms without a plan to get better. 

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Tina has helped so much on my journey

I have trusted Tina as my acupuncturist for almost a decade! She is truly an amazing practitioner that has helped me on my journey on so many deeper levels (mentally, emotionally, and physically) than any physician ever has.


She also understands that many of her clients come to her with a western medicine bias. Through all of my visits with her, she has helped me find a balance between both western and eastern philosophies with her knowledge, expertise, and intuitive sense that makes her an exceptional acupuncturist.


Her goal is to help each client heal as deeply as possible and to create that customized plan that WORKS for that client. Healing is a handshake.


You need a good plan from a great provider and you need to take action on that plan!! Tina can offer you a balanced and realistic plan.


Go see her NOW for perimenopause or if you just want to feel great again!


Here's why nothing you've tried works

Imagine a river that runs strong with flowing water but suddenly... there's a blockage in the river. There's no where for the water to go, and everything downstream misses the water. 

To fix the problem, you take a bucket and try to move the water to the other side of the blockage... do you think this would work?

Of course not, you need to remove the blockage.

This is what happens when you enter perimenopause... and when you take drugs for your symptoms, you ignore the blockage.

This is why you haven't been able to feel better. Other doctors haven't been able to remove the blockage.


Rebalance your body after perimenopause's imbalance

By removing the blockages perimenopause placed throughout your body, you can restore the flow of estrogen and finally feel good again. 

And the only way to remove the blockages derailing your entire life is through natural methods focused on truly healing your body, not just putting a band-aid over the problem.

Having enough hormones means that you have energy, it means you can digest properly, and it means that you can regulate your emotions. 

Discover true healing and give your body exactly what it's begging you for...

I depend on Tina to keep me healthy

Tina Belt is a highly effective healer who listens deeply and draws on her extensive professional experience and knowledge to support her clients' well-being. I depend on her to help keep me healthy.


She has supported my health and growth for the last several years with acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbal medicine, and nutritional education and support as I dealt with numerous physical and emotional challenges. She is a dedicated, gifted professional, and I recommend her highly.


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When you come to your first appointment...

  • Review lab work, supplements, and symptoms-  ​Tina Belt, L.Ac., will guide you through your health history to form a complete picture of what you're going through. She will diagnose your problem and identify shortcomings in your health.

  • Get treatedReceive recommended treatment that day, which may include acupuncture, herbs, emotional work, cupping, and other holistic solutions. Plus, get a specialized plan to get your health back on track.

  • Support you need- Conquering difficult health problems can be frustrating and hard. Tina Belt, L.Ac., offers the compassion and know how to guide you through these changes in your life.

By the end of your first appointment, you'll come away with a game plan to overcome perimenopause symptoms once and for all.

Since no two bodies are the same, it's critical that your perimenopause treatment plan is personalized to your needs.

This isn't the same cut and paste treatment you get at other doctor's offices. Your body needs something different than your sister's or your best friend's- Tina Belt, L.Ac., can help you figure out exactly what you need to feel better.

Think of all the time, energy, and resources you've wasted trying to get your life back on track. 

Making an appointment today can make all of the pain and stress you've endured a thing of the past. 

If you're ready to learn more about how perimenopause affects your body, read my book...

The Aargh to Zen of Perimenopause

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Rebalance Your Body After Perimenopause's Imbalance

Start feeling relief for your perimenopause symptoms after your first appointment. Schedule your free consultation today.

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