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The Real Reason You’re Struggling With a Skin Condition

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woman's face with a diagram of what dry skin looks like

Many people struggle with skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and more… but few know where it comes from or how to help it.


This can make an already frustrating situation even more frustrating. It’s hard to feel confident when your skin is dry, flaky, red, and blemished.


Many skin conditions are a result of some sort of reaction, whether it’s allergic, hormonal, or environmental, your body is trying to tell you it needs help.


You can spend a fortune on expensive creams and serums, but you might not find any luck. And if you’re not careful… you can actually do more harm than good.


Your instincts may be to use skin products to try resolving the issue on your own, but a licensed professional can prevent you from doing more damage. They can also come up with a plan to clear your skin up and help you find that youthful, glowing look.


What causes skin conditions?

Collagen decline begins in your 30’s… however it’s further accelerated because of a lack of collagen in your diet. Nowadays, our diets have less and less quality meat that gives your body the collagen it needs to slow the effects of aging. This is why I put all my patients on a collagen supplement.


Symptoms are a sign of an issue within your body, including skin conditions. You might have a hormonal problem, liver problem, autoimmune problem, environmental sensitivity, or even dehydration.


Hormonal fluctuations can cause your skin to overproduce oil, causing breakouts. These fluctuations can also decrease your collagen production to lead to dry skin and premature aging.


Your liver helps process your hormones, if it isn’t working properly it can lead to the issues above. Your skin is a detoxification organ- when your liver health declines, you’ll see more issues in your skin. Liver disease can also stop your body from absorbing zinc, which is a crucial mineral for preventing dermatitis- an itchy rash with uncomfortable bumps.


Autoimmune disease can cause skin conditions because your immune system begins to attack your cells. It confuses your skin, one of the first lines of defense against infection, as a dangerous substance. The attacks against your skin will lead to a range of symptoms, including rashes, blemishes, flakey skin, and discoloration.


You might also have a sensitivity to a substance that comes in contact with your skin. Your world is full of chemicals, whether for cleaning or cosmetics, that can cause irritation and inflammation to your skin. Repeated contact can lead to redness, dryness, and blemishes that become difficult to get rid of.


Without the help of a professional, you might be searching in the dark for answers. There’s so much information out there, some good and some bad, you will struggle to pinpoint the problem on your own.


I like to use Vitanox, a pharmaceutical grade supplement with green tea extract, rosemary, and grapeseed oil, to boost your antioxidants and improve circulation to significantly improve your skin health.


Even if you can correctly identify the cause of your skin condition, it can be dangerous to attempt treating it on your own. Some people will try dangerous diets or DIY treatments that a practitioner could have warned them about. Never attempt a treatment without having a practitioner guide you through best practices and common mistakes.


Should you see a dermatologist?

A dermatologist can diagnose conditions and prescribe medications that can turn inflammation around fast, but they won’t be able to help if you have another underlying problem affecting your skin health. For example, you’ll need another type of practitioner to help you resolve a hormonal or autoimmune problem.


Symptoms are a sign of imbalance in your body- you’ll want a practitioner who can help you get to the root of your problem and come up with a game plan to fix it.


In some cases, you may benefit from medication and holistic treatment. It often takes multiple tools with incremental results that build up to provide noticeable results.


So, what should you do?

You have a lot of options for care, but an acupuncturist is one of the best suited practitioners to help you with your skin condition. Regardless of what’s causing your condition, they can help you figure out the root cause and help your body get back into balance.


Whether a hormonal, an autoimmune, a liver, or another problem, the origins connect to your body’s vital energy. This energy flows throughout your body to give nourishment, support, and energy to the tissues and processes in your body.


This energy is controlled by an electromagnetic field, a field that can be influenced by acupuncture to resolve blockages in its flow.


Once a strong flow is reestablished, your body will be able to function normally again. Your cells will stop attacking themselves, your hormones will be produced in appropriate amounts, your liver will thrive, and your skin cells will receive the nourishment they need to glow.


Plus, other symptoms like fatigue, stomach problems, respiratory issues, and more will go away too. It’s all connected!


What should you do next?

Good Needles offers a luxury facial rejuvenation experience that’s designed to treat your symptoms and help you achieve beautiful skin. This package includes acupuncture, light therapy, gua sha, cupping, and elite moisturization to give your skin everything it needs to heal.


This summer only, we’re offering this package at a reduced price so you can see the results yourself. Finally find the path to clear, radiant skin with a luxurious experience that addresses every angle of skin health.


Make an appointment while you still can, we want to help you feel confident in your beautiful skin again.

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