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This surprising technique can help you recover from foot pain

boy playing soccer

Do you suffer from neuropathy, edema, plantar fasciitis, swollen feet, or chronic foot pain? Do you have no idea how to get better and fear you’ll be left to suffer forever?

When I tell you about our new device you’re going to be shocked… how can something so simple help you heal?

I helped a patient with neuropathy, nerve damage to the feet, get 90% of the way better with acupuncture… but I wanted to figure out how to help that last 10%.

I dived into researching new ways to help- I’m always eager to grow my toolbelt and blend techniques that will help my patients get better.

There was this foot massager I came across that I felt skeptical about at first, but I couldn’t believe the results.

You simply rest your feet on the device and allow it to send vibrations into your feet. The vibrations increase blood flow to help swelling and inflammation.

This blood flow is crucial to stimulating healing in your tissues. Once your cells have what they need, they can get better on their own.

I gave it a try with my son, who had overdone it at soccer practice and hurt his foot. After a half hour using the foot massager while watching TV he felt completely transformed.

He was running around and jumping like nothing was wrong! He couldn’t believe how quickly it helped.

I sent one home with my neuropathy patient. I was able to do most of the work with acupuncture, but I'm always committed to finding solutions that give you the most healing possible.

Sometimes the best solutions are the ones you don’t expect. I’m always keeping my eye out for unexpected ways to help my patients overcome that last 10% of your condition.

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