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Top 3 Tips for Managing Your Autoimmune Disease

Woman clutching her stomach with severe pain

Managing autoimmune disease can be difficult, especially when the treatment game plan you’re on isn’t getting you where you want to be.

Many doctors will prescribe medications to provide symptom relief, but they only get you so far.

Using multiple approaches to provide extra relief can build up and make you feel much better. After all, little by little a little becomes a lot!

Here are 3 things you can do to help your autoimmune disease:

1. Try acupuncture

Autoimmune disease rises from an overactive or underactive immune system. When your immune system isn’t working properly, it’ll attack your body and give you unpleasant symptoms.

Acupuncture can help calm your immune system and reduce these symptoms.

Your body has an electromagnetic field that repels and attracts other electromagnetic fields. Almost everything in our environment has an electromagnetic field, your immune system, pollen, other people, chemicals, and the environment around you.

If your autoimmune system is repelling itself, your body, or something in the environment, you’ll experience autoimmune disease. Acupuncture increases blood flow, decreases inflammation, and helps your nervous system work better.

You’ll have less symptoms and start to feel more like yourself again.

2. Get a functional medicine routine

Your body cannot heal without nutrients and good fuel. It also cannot heal if it’s constantly being harmed by different factors in your environment.

The food that you eat and the substances you expose yourself to have a much greater impact on your autoimmune disease than you might think. If you’re constantly surrounded by toxins and molds, you’ll struggle with your symptoms.

Putting together a functional medicine routine with your practitioner can give your body what it needs to work at a higher level. When it can get through your basic functions more easily, it will have more energy to address your autoimmune disease.

3. Take supplements and herbal medicine

Supplements and herbal medicine work similarly to functional medicine but provide a boost to different responses that affect your autoimmune disease.

Major factors contributing to your autoimmune disease include inflammation and overproduction or underproduction of immune system cells.

Supplements and herbal medicine can decrease inflammation and guide your immune system’s production process.

They can also increase blood flow, which promotes healing and overall wellness.

The natural medicine protocols I use and my knowledge of herbal medicine pair well with the medication your doctor prescribes. This gives you more relief from symptoms and, in many cases, provides potential to improve or resolve your condition.

Autoimmune disease can be difficult to overcome without the right game plan, but there are ways to treat your disease. Make an appointment with Good Needles to see what we can do to get you that next level of relief.

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